Hemmersbach Elite Combat Trackers

The Hemmersbach Rhino Force Elite Combat Trackers are a network of the most skilled, diligent, impactful trackers protecting wildlife in Africa. They represent a vast array of backgrounds and tracking disciplines, but what is common among them all is their dedication to wildlife and the craft of tracking. Hemmersbach Rhino Force is proud to empower them.

The Hemmersbach Elite Combat Trackers are working every day to conserve our world’s wildlife and to preserve the art of tracking. Despite it being a dying art the craft is as necessary in our world as it ever was. Through the Elite Combat Tracker network, Hemmersbach Rhino Force hopes to preserve this art while enabling the world’s finest wildlife rangers to continue their daily fight.

The Elite Combat Trackers comprise the front line of Africa's animal army risking their lives to protect its wild areas. The people that comprise this group have all dedicated their life to this dangerous task and have earnt this support. Hemmersbach Rhino Force provides each of the Elite Combat Trackers a monthly salary, equipment, and access to our cross border intelligence network.

The Elite Combat Trackers' identities are kept anonymous for their and their families' protection.

If you would like to apply to join the Hemmersbach Rhino Force Elite Combat Trackers, please email a short summary of your work to info@rhino-force.org

Hemmersbach Elite Combat Trackers

The Hemmersbach Rhino Force Squad in the Greater Kruger region

Hemmersbach Rhino Force

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